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Close Up

Close up of a large piece that I’m working on now showing the welded surface and the skeleton frame work.


New Small Sculpture…….

Working on a bunch of new small table top sized pieces that will be looking for new homes soon.


Private Collection Stage 04

Since welding an 8 foot sculpture on the floor proved to be not the smartest decision I’m trying plywood on buckets for the next surface…..


Private Collection Stage 03

The stainless steel melt coat texture is complete on one surface.


Private Collection Stage 02

Moved the piece to the floor to work on the stainless steel melt coat texture. Not the smartest move….

robert-koch-sculpture-steel- progress-13

Private Collection Stage 01

Attaching the rid sections to form the skeleton of the piece


Valerie Ruddy Reeds

Working on this pair of reed sculptures for a client of designer, Valerie Ruddy.


AtlantiCare Stage 11

And it takes an even larger army to lift it onto it’s base.


AtlantiCare Stage 10

Sometimes it takes a small army of friends to get a sculpture out of the studio and into a truck.


AtlantiCare Stage 09

The three sections are now all attached and being supported by the crane and some buckets and whatever else I could find….


AtlantiCare Stage 08

Sometimes you need a crane to help hold things while you weld…..


AtlantiCare Stage 07

The sections are starting to be welded together to form the final piece


AtlantiCare Stage 06

The top arched form is ready for Stainless Steel


AtlantiCare Stage 05

The center disc is starting to take on it’s final finish


AtlantiCare Stage 04

The first section is now completely covered in stainless Steel melt coat


AtlantiCare Stage 03

The start of the surface texture in melt coat stainless Steel

The skeleton of the piece continues to take shape

AtlantiCare Stage 02

AtlantiCare Stage 02  

Robert Koch in progress sculpture AtlantiCare stage 01

AtlantiCare Stage 01

MATERIAL Steel DEVELOPMENT The skeleton of the piece is starting to look like the final shape.


Wing of Desire